Renate Rusche-Staudinger
Bass clarinet

Renate Rusche - Musik für Bassklarinette

Renate Rusche-Musik für Bassklarinette

“About 10 years after starting my career, I wanted to record my repertoire of solo activity on a CD. For me, the bass clarinet is essentially a vocal instrument, from which the selection of opus and instrumentation then ensues. At that time, I wanted to introduce the then little-known sound of the bass clarinet as a solo instrument as carefully as possible to listeners. So I played it unaccompanied in two works and also combined it with piano, string quartet and with a symphony orchestra.”

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....Wer eine Bassklarinette noch nie „aus der Nähe“ gehört hat, kann mit dieser CD leicht süchtig werden nach ihrem bald samtweichen, bald aggressiven Ton....
KULTUR!NEWS, Marburg, 1/1994

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